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To do

On the farm we have a large flea market with furniture, curios etc.

We recommend dinner at Tivars on Norderön, 8 km from Månsåsen Summer open until 8 p.m. or at the restaurant Hävvi Eleine close to Myrviken. See info on websites or Facebook.

In Myrviken, 8 km south of Månsåsen, there is an ICA NÄRA store and Fjällkonditoriet with its own bakery, café and light lunches.

In Vällviken, 3 km from the farm, there is a steamboat pier with a small boat harbor, guest harbor, bathing area, and barbecue spot. If you arrive by boat on Lake Storsjön, we can arrange pickup at the pier.

It is 49 km to Östersund via Myrviken and Hara, and 28 km to Östersund with the ferries across Norderön. There are places like Jamtli, Teknikland, Storsjöbadet, Frösö Church, and much more to explore. During winter, from January to early April, there is often an ice road over Lake Storsjön towards Östersund, and the distance is then 22 km to Östersund.

To Bydalsfjällen with Bydalen, Höglekardalen, and Gräftåvallen, it is about 40 km. Here, there are a total of 50 slopes, beautiful cross-country tracks, hiking trails, and during summer, the possibility of mountain hiking. It is about 90 km to Åre.

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